Feature List

800 NumbersTNCI provides switched and dedicated toll-free service which can be integrated with Telastic Hosted Voice
Account Codes – Mandatory or OptionalThis is called PIN Sets on the Telastic platform. Dial a unique set of digits (non verified) before making an outbound call. This inserts an account code in the CDR
Anonymous Call BlockingAllows you to block "anonymous" inbound calls
Automated AttendantCreate your own custom recordings and greetings which will allow callers to be automatically transferred to an extension without the intervention of an operator or receptionist
Automated Call Back from VoicemailThis feature enables you to receive a prompt to automatically call back a party leaving a voicemail message
Automated Phone ProvisioningTelastic supports auto registration of supported devices from phones to ATAs (Analog Terminal Adapters)
BLF - Busy Lamp FieldA visual indicator on an IP phone that advises if another extension connected to the same PBX is busy or not. Functionality of the BLF may vary depending on phone make and model
Block Caller IDSuppresses caller-ID presentation when turning on or off (using *67) on a per-call basis
Block NumberSupported via Blacklist feature under Call Blocking in the Telastic TBX portal by Customer Administrators
BurstabilityBurst beyond subscribed/contracted number of call sessions
Call Detail Records (CDR)TBX generates call detail records, or session detail records. Summarization and billing reports are available separately via the TNCI Web-based Customer Portal
Call DispositionTelastic provides the status of a call, i.e. answered, no answer or unknown
Call ForwardingForward all calls, i.e. when busy, no answer, or unavailable
Call Forwarding (Unconditional)Hard Forwarding - all calls forwarded with no notification
Call HistoryView call records from past days and weeks
Call HuntingCalls can hunt from one user to another based on busy status
Call LogsView call records from past days and weeks (same as Call History)
Call ParkingAlso called an attended transfer - a user places the call on park, transfer-to party picks up the call on the parked extension
Call PickupThe other side (transfer-to party) of a transfer or parked call
Call Pickup – DirectedDial a star code plus another user's extension number to pick up their incoming calls if they are unavailable
Call QueuesA Call Queue is a virtual waiting room in which callers wait in line to speak with an agent (user or extension)
Call RecordingTNCI Telastic allows an end user to initiate selective call recording via *55 to record an outbound call prior to call commencement. Recording of all calls can be set by the Customer Administrator. (Call recording subject to call storage availability)
Call ReportingSee Call Detail Records
Call TransferTransfer calls from one user to another, within the same customer group
CDR'sSee Call Detail Records
Company DirectoryPre-programmed directory of all users within a customer group
Conference BridgeTNCI Telastic platform supports moderated & unmoderated conference bridges for up to 30 participants. This is ordered and provisioned separately from users/extensions
Customer Level AdminPortal administrators can be assigned on a customer level and control advanced features such as Auto Attendant and Call Queues
Day-of-Week RoutingThe Telastic platform supports schedules that can be used to control inbound routing based on day/time etc.
DIDDirect Inward Dialing is supported either by porting numbers from your existing provider or TNCI can issue DIDs from most rate centers in the country
DID Ring NumberReference DID or "REFDID" or Ring Through number. Used to terminate Toll-Free numbers
Directory Assistance (411)Dial 411 for local directory assistance in the United States and Canada
Do-Not-DisturbPrevent an inbound call from ringing your device
E911Enhanced 911; links emergency callers with the appropriate public resources
Extension DialingTNCI Telastic platform supports internal extension dialing between customer extensions
FAX SupportThe platform supports T.38 protocol for optimum fax support and delivery of inbound fax messages to email or an ATA. As with all IP based networks, fax transmissions are not guaranteed.
Find Me Follow MeAllows a user to be reached and receive calls at alternate devices or locations by having inbound calls redirected to designated number(s).
Fixed and Mobile Phone SupportLaptops and mobile phones supported via clients
Forward BusyAllows calls to be forwarded or redirected to another number if the original dialed number is busy
Forward No AnswerAllows calls to be forwarded or redirected to another number if there is no answer at the original dialed number
Forward when UnavailableAllows calls to forward to any off net number if device loses registration or power
Free on-net callsTNCI Telastic supports free on-net calling between any affiliated on net customer locations
Greetings ManagerUsers can set personal controls from their phone such as an unavailable message, temporary message, or other custom messages
Hunt GroupsTNCI Telastic supports hunt groups; see Call Hunting
Inbound CNAMCaller ID Name; allows an inbound call to display name and number. This feature is supported on the DIDs with TNCI Telastic
Intercom CallingEquivalent to TNCI Telastic Page Group, this is a predefined user group with one or two-way speakerphone capabilities
LNP ServicesLocal Number Portability; TNCI Telastic allows a user to bring (port) existing DIDs over as long as they are in a supported network
Multi-Line Appearances – Multiple ExtensionsAssign multiple users to separate lines on a phone
Multi-Line Appearances – Single PhoneAssign multiple extensions to separate lines on a single phone
Multiple Auto Attendant GreetingsDesign as many custom greetings as needed
Multiple Phones on One ExtensionAssign an extension to a single phone or many phones over multiple locations
Multi-Tier IVR Applications (key-pad based)Take multiple stand-alone features and group them in to one complex feature
Music on HoldTNCI Telastic supports pre-programmed or uploaded (MP3) music to be played while a customer is on hold
Number PortabilityTNCI Telastic allows a user to bring (port) existing DIDs from any serviceable rate center in the US
Outbound Custom Caller ID NameCalling Party Name (CNAM) can be customized per CNAM database specifications
Outbound Customized 911 Caller IDThe platform supports manipulation of outpulsed CPN (calling party number) for 911 support when required
Page GroupsSimilar to Intercom Calling; this is a predefined user group with one or two-way speakerphone capabilities
PIN SetsFunctions similar to account codes - dial a unique set of digits (non verified) before making an outbound call. This inserts an account code in the CDR.
Recorded Calls Management and PlaybackAllows a user to archive and manage recorded calls for future playback. Subject to the amount of call recording storage purchased (1Gb or 30 days comes included)
RejectAllows a user to reject an incoming call
Reminders - Auto CallThe TBX supports wake-up calls via dialing *44
Reseller Admin PortalThe platform is fully available on a white-label basis (and individually brand-able as needed)
Ring TimeDefines the number of rings - configure on a customer or individual user level
Simultaneous RingRing one or many devices at the same time
Smart Phone ClientSmart phones are usable as registered devices on the platform when using a certified client
Soft Phone ClientSoft phones (Software-based phone clients) are usable as registered devices on the platform when using a certified client
Star CodesThe Telastic platform supports numerous "star" codes for easy feature enablement
Three-Way CallingTalk to two people at the same time with a three-way conversation on your phone. Subject to session limitations
Time of Day RoutingThe Telastic platform supports schedule-based call steering which can be applied to control inbound routing based on time of day.
Time ZonesTime zones are configurable on a customer location or individual user level
Unified Messaging Voicemail to EmailDeliver voicemails to user email as an MP3 or WAV file
Virtual NumbersTNCI can provide DIDs from most rate centers in the US and deliver (route) those to any serviceable Telastic customer location
VoicemailTNCI Telastic offers 100 MB or 30 day storage per customer (all locations, all users)
Voicemail User PortalAccess Voicemail via the phone or the Telastic User Portal
Voicemail Delivery to EmailDeliver voicemails to user email as an MP3 or WAV file